About Me

Mentally, physically,
Spiritually and financially:

I have been on the mountain
top, and I have been on the
ground. I have spent more
time than not somewhere in

I can swing from chitterlings
to caviar and not offend.
I see the glass half full more
times than half empty.

Overall, I am-not a:  "but I see
a cloud" person. By looking
for and expecting the best, I
am often the recipient...

I believe there are far more
good people in the world than
bad; I believe there always
has been and always will be.

I believe love is good for the
heart and soul...

You either "get me" or you
don't, and I am okay with that.

Thank You,

Barbara Mitchell
Home: North

Traveled: extensive USA


Africa (South Africa)

Visited Asia March 2018